“Verģi” is one of the largest fish preprocessing companies in Latvia. The company has been operating successfully since 1993. The fleet of “Verģi”  consists of several MRTK “Baltika” type fishing vessels, used for commercial fishing in the Gulf of Riga and in the Baltic Sea. Fish caught by the fishermen are delivered to the processing unit in Ventspils for fresh fish preprocessing – sorting, freezing, salting/pickling, cutting, gutting, and filleting. Due to the constant improvement and modernization of technological production processes, fish retain their nutritional value throughout processing. “Verģi” performs full-cycle production from catching to the storage of fish and delivery of such to the customers.  Finished products are exported to countries located in more than 29 regions. The favorable location of the production unit allows the delivery of the products to customers across the globe by different means of transport – trucks, railways, containers, and even ships.
Highly qualified employees, the quality of our products and customers; are the priorities that the profitability of our company, as well as sustainable viability and recognisability, are based on.



Experience since 1993

Controlled industrial fishing

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Krista Janeka

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Individual company of Ivars Janeks “J.I.” was founded on 7 May 1993. After the founding of the company, fishing vessels “MOLS” and “MERKURS” were purchased from fishermen. Eight fishermen established labor relations.

In August 1994, the fleet was supplemented by the first Baltic type vessel “GROTS”.

The vessels were not new, and the long-time exploitation and salty seawater had taken their toll. Renovation of the bodies of the vessels “MOLS” and “MERKURS” was commenced in the summer of 1997.

Demand for fresh fish products grew in 1998. In order to provide the required volume, the capacity of the vessels was to be increased. Motors of “MOLS” and “MERKURS” gave trouble and frequently even stopped operating in the sea, since these motors were from Soviet tanks. In cooperation with an Estonian company, a decision was taken to replace them. The fishermen received new SCANIA motors.
In May, the fleet was supplemented by the Baltic type vessel “VERGI”, purchased in Estonia.

Despite the difficulties, operation never stopped in 1999. Skills and commitment of fishermen are unfading. Fishing vessels “VERGI”, “GROTS”, “MERKURS”, and “MOLS” consistently furrowed up their ways in the Baltic Sea and the Gulf of Riga. And the sea did not let them down; it generously provided big catches.

In 2000, the situation stabilised, intensive work resumed, sales grew, and so did cooperation with the major Latvian tinned fish producers. Exports to Belarus increased. Cooperation with scientists of the Latvian Fisheries Research Institute. We helped the scientists to research the aquaculture of the Baltic Sea, as well as plankton, and to assess fish resources.

In 2001, according to the laws, the individual company “J.I.” underwent reorganisation, which resulted in the change of the company’s name, and LLC (SIA) “VERĢI” was founded.
What does VERĢI stand for?
Vergi is a port city in Estonia by the Gulf of Finland. Fishermen have been residing there for centuries. Hard work results in fruits, therefore these people are prosperous and wealthy. Vergi stands for “place of happiness”.

In 2002, Verģi saw a rapid expansion, and the fleet was supplemented by another five vessels: “ULRIKA”, “URGA”, “PIRITA”, “ŪDELE” and “UNDĪNE”. The number of employees doubled. Own net workshop at Mangaļsala was founded.

In 2005, a European Union project placed the fishing vessel “UNDĪNE” in Jūrmala Open Air Museum. We leased equipment for this hard task from the Netherlands.
We invested the money gained in a brand new VOLVO truck and refrigerator trailer

In 2006, our company established new cooperation with companies from Moldova, Ukraine and Armenia.
Two vessels were written off within the framework of the European project.
The company purchased fresh office space in Jūrmala.

In 2008, fishing volumes grew, and, along with the expansion of sales opportunities, “Verģi” continued its development, buying a pier and industrial buildings in Ventspils.

In 2009, extensive modernization of the fleet took place. The fishing vessels “Vergi”, “Urga” and “Ulrika” were rebuilt.
Along with the increase in work intensity and volumes of caught fish, a decision was taken to commence renovation of the pier for the needs of Verģi and construction of the fish processing factory.

In 2012, the fishing vessel “Grots” was placed in Ventspils Museum.
The fishing vessel “Stella” was rebuilt through major repair works.

In 2015, following changes in the nationwide political situation, sales to the CIS countries decreased, and we commenced active cooperation with countries in the European Union, Asia and Africa.

In 2016, LLC (SIA) “Verģi” won the Ministry of Agriculture Annual Award “The Great Catch 2016” in the “Fishing/Aquaculture Company of the Year” nomination.

In 2018, within the framework of the project created by the Union of Latvian Fish Processing Industry, Verģi participated in fairs in Brussels and Paris, presenting its products to European companies.
The company celebrated its 25th anniversary.

In 2019, we actively participated in the “Days of Entrepreneurs”, organised by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, promoting fishing and job opportunities in the sector across the nation.
The company participated in an international food fair in Japan for the first time, followed by the commencement of active cooperation with the largest Japanese retail chains.

In 2021, we commenced a new tradition for fishing promotion nowadays by participating in and telling stories about today’s fishing in the event “Days of Fishermen”, organised by the Ventspils Seaside Open-air Museum.
New experience participating in virtual fairs in the Netherlands and Japan.

2021. gadā uzsākām jaunu tradīciju zvejniecības popularizēsanai mūsdienās piedaloties un stāstot par zvejniecību mūsdienās Ventspils piejūras muzeja organizētajā pasakumā "Zvejnieku dienas".
Jauna pieredze piedaloties virtualajās izstadēs Holandē,Japānā.