Sprats - WR fresh salted/marinated fish

size: 9-11cm
package: 5kg or 10kg buckets
spices and salt content can be adjusted per customer's wish

Sprats - WR Frozen fish

size: 5-9cm and 9-11cm
package: cartons or without cartons
block frozen: 6 or 7 kg and 20kg blocks
IQF (single) frozen packed into 10kg cartons

Fresh Frozen Sprats (sprattus sprattus)

Sprat is a clupeid fish found widely in the North East Atlantic area. Sprat is a relatively short-lived species.
The stock and the catches consist mostly of 1 and 2 year-olds. Sprat spawns in the upper water layers.
Peak spawning takes place in May.
Spawning and nursery areas, being near the coast, may be particularly sensitive and vulnerable to anthropogenic influences.
The North Sea and the Baltic are the main fishery areas for this specie.
They are also recognized for their nutritional value as they contain high levels of polyunsaturated fats, considered beneficial to the human diet.
They are eaten in many places around the world.
Sprats are sometimes passed for other fish; products sold as having been prepared from anchovies (since the 19th century) and sardines are sometimes prepared from sprats, as the authentic ones used to be less accessible.
They are known for their smooth flavour and are easy to mistake for baby sardines.